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What Clients Are Saying About Nicky Jameson's Art

Nicky isn't just a brilliant photographer she is also a skilled artist who can transform photos into art with many effects. I have three of her pictures on my wall highlighting architecture from Toronto and London. They're beautiful and an automatic conversation point for all of my visitors

Matthew C., Toronto, Ont.

Nicky - my print already arrived safely - it's beautiful! love it...thanks so much!

Laurel C., Toronto, Ont

Your work is like a cherished memory. Each layer invoking a thought or feeling that enriches the experience. I feel something different each time I look at your work. For me, it's the perfect balance of nostalgia and beauty.

Jana K., Richmond, KY, USA

A truly wonderful collage depicting London. It's such a pleasure looking at it. I was absorbed.

Dr. Teck. K., London, UK

Love, love, love, LOVE what you're doing in this piece. So much depth.

Debra M., London, UK

I love the cushions! They are gorgeous and will help me cope when I'm here and not there

Gillian L., AB, Canada

For me it is a memory...Your photos have such meaning for me they connect me to those memories and when you live away from home that is so special !!

Linda B., Albuquerque, USA

I just received Yellow Parasols, it looks amazing!!

I love this photo and thought you would like to see it in my home, the grunge look gives it a totally different feel!! Thx again

Linda B., Albuquerque, USA

I love Nicky Jameson's art as it personifies the pride that runs deep in every true Brit. Looking at it draws me in and allows me to daydream special dreams. It is realistic, yet sometimes abstract. A perfect mix of both.

Gillian.S., Canada

The painting has arrived and we love it. For the moment it is providing a visual anchor and air of moody sophistication to our galley kitchen. I appreciate it even more than when I first saw it online for the ways you’ve layered so many interesting colors and textures. It gives the feeling of motion… Walking down a lonely street...

Dr Steven Oliver, Massachusetts, USA


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