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London Wall Art - Westminster Abbey

  • by Nicky Jameson

London Wall Art - Westminster Abbey

Wall ar Westminster Abbey

Wall Art - Westminster Abbey

Room Interior - Dining Room

I've recently been creating room interiors, which show how my London Wall Art - Westminster Abbey - looks when it's actually on the wall. It's great to see art on the computer however what really makes it real is when it's in a real setting. Art is meant to be displayed and it's easy to become rather "picture-blind" and have no real idea how a piece in which you may be interested looks to scale.

Do you get a small art piece for your wall or a large one? And what does large mean anyway? It all depends on your wall space. Several small pieces can work well together but would be lost on a large expanse of wall. If you are thinking of buying a single art piece then you want to go as large as you can afford to do so. You can go a little smaller if you plan on framing the wall art, however you will have to consider how your frame and matting work with the art and how the whole works with the room. Which is one reason I love canvas wall art and acrylic facemount finishes. Your canvas wall art can always be framed at a later date, making it even more versatile. Hopefully these wall art room interiors showing my art "in-situ" help to make the decision easier. Now you can imagine what it would look like in your own space. See more of my wall art interiors on my Instagram.

London Wall Art - Westminster Abbey

My style of art is most definitely textured and grungy with tons more in-between. As with almost all my work, this London artwork - Westminster Abbey -  begins with photographs and the journey continues with texture and other artistic media.  If you're thinking that Westminster Abbey is a bit less textured than some of my recent work you'd be correct. You are probably already familiar with Westminster Abbey. It is one of the United Kingdom's most notable religious buildings and the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English and, later, British monarchs. Founded in the 10th Century, it's also a UNESCO World Heritage site (It's a rather weird feeling standing on some of the crypts and reading exactly who is buried there,not that they would have much to say about it). The architecture of Westminster Abbey is mainly gothic and it's beautiful. After getting several shots of the entrance and towers (I can never really take enough and I am never finished) I decided to take some of one of the outside walls. The detail was so beautiful I decided when creating this piece that it didn't need lots of texture. The texture is actually in the architecture itself. So in fact I did very little to it, just punched up the lighting to increase the interest and added one texture which enhance the sky. I'm very pleased with the result and I hope you like it displayed as the finished framed print.


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