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New Art! Jewel Night Canvas Print

  • by Nicky Jameson
Jewel Night is a stunning canvas print that is inspired by London and jewel colours. It's other name is Amethyst - after one of my very good clients when she was trying to remember the name to ask me something about it. Since Amethyst is a jewel and a beautiful one at that, what better name to this digital painting. I remember standing in St Paul's Cathedral Churchyard and  taking some of the photos that eventually made up this work. You can also see the "Flower of Life", the church of St  Bride on Fleet Street (the Journalist's Church) and of course the beautiful architecture blended right through the work. The tones, textures and jewel colours complemented the night time - although the actual photos were all taken in the day time. Art to bring back memories and lift your spirits. Be sure to take advantage current free shipping and go as large as you can with this one, because it will be a marvellous talking point.. and never just wall art.
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