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Now Gracing a New Space!

  • by Nicky Jameson
Now Gracing a New Space!

I am always so thrilled to see my art pieces in their new home and it's lovely when collectors (yes, that's you!) share their new art on their own social media.  Recently "As The Sun Goes Down" one of my ever-favourite pieces went off to grace its new space and I felt quite emotional seeing there and especially hearing how much they love it, read below for an excerpt of what Steven says:

"The painting has arrived and we love it. For the moment it is providing a visual anchor and air of moody sophistication to our galley kitchen. I appreciate it even more than when I first saw it online for the ways you’ve layered so many interesting colors and textures. It gives the feeling of motion… Walking down a lonely street."




As the Sun goes down painting in collector's home

I think it looks beautiful and I can almost feel the energy! It's the perfect choice for this awesome couple. I know it's going to bring them lots of joy each and every time they look at it.

Thanks again to my fabulous collectors for their continued support and for sharing their photos.

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