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New London and Toronto Art added to the Store (and other Artsy updates)

  • by Nicky Jameson
New London and Toronto Art added to the Store (and other Artsy updates)

I've kept a steady state of creating new art, however it's been less simply to keep up with adding it to Nicky Jameson Art.

Rose street by Nicky JamesonThat's because it's a three step process to add it and ensure all the different sizes and options are available so it's simple to pick your favourite one. I tell myself I will do each one separately and that never quite works out and the priority is always creating the artwork and sending it out there to make someone happy. So, if  there is a piece you see that you like be sure to contact me and I can send you the link for the specific size you are looking for (from those available). I can also suggest a piece for you to look at, as  there are many artworks about London and Toronto easily accessible to you. And don't forget to pick up a notebook for all those great ideas and inspirations you get.

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I've just added a few new pieces to the store, some of which I created (or at least started before Christmas 2021!). I am really happy to present these to you as my new art added to the store!

They include a canvas print painting of Toronto

A whimsical abstract called Phantasia...

And my latest piece of London - Rose Street (Remember Rose Street).

I've done a short video of Rose Street and the Inspiration for it and I hope to share it soon, both here and on the Nicky Jameson blog.

You may have noticed I've also updated my website... stay tuned for a video walkthrough of how best to find your favourite cool painting and a much better search.


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